Why Manufacturers benefit from a BIM Library

Whilst we would like to describe a BIM Library as a way to differentiate from the competition or a unique selling point; in actual fact, the construction industry’s attention to digitalisation has resulted in those who are yet to adopt BIM, being left behind.

Recently, whilst working on a large-scale medical facility in London, the client and main contractor stipulated that manufacturers involved in the project must not only provide BIM components; but, create the necessary Revit files to load directly into a federated model i.e. create & place the components.

Simply put, without readily available BIM components manufacturers wouldn’t be able to tender for this opportunity. This is not a unique scenario; more and more private and government lead projects are adopting this philosophy due to the overall benefits of BIM throughout the project lifecycle.

Starkstrom, a leading pendant supplier to the medical sector benefitted from partnering with Digital Engineering Studio to outsource their BIM requirements on a recent project.

“Digital Engineering Studio have been fantastic support on our current flagship project. BIM modelling is something we are not proficient at as a company and DES have taken the doubt and stress away and helped to educate us along the way with regular communication and attendance of meetings. They are always very efficient and go above and beyond with marked-up elevation or plan view drawing extracts to aid understanding of any particular issues. This has been money well spent for us as a company.” Paul Sharman, Starkstrom

From the perspective of Building Services Consultants and Contractors, as BIM is so often a requirement, specifications and system selection can be governed by who has readily available components.

A BIM Library is an extension to your marketing material – similar to a website, not so long ago nobody had one, now it’s a powerful platform detailing sales information. BIM components not only detail the visual form; but include endless product and sales information which transfers through-out the project and is readily available to all involved.

Mark Hadfield, Operations Director at Complete Ventilation Solutions Ltd recently teamed up with us to develop their BIM Library, here’s what he had to say:

The DES team were correct first time, cost-effective, helpful & very quick in turning around a BIM file required to implement our design & secure orders for our product range with the NHS schemes. This has offered our company an advantage over our competitors & sets us apart!

If you’re a manufacturer looking to develop a BIM Library, please get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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